Chapter 8
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Getting Underway

From between Piles - Head to Wind

    a.  Single up stern warps, and rig slip line.

    b.  Move forward under control of stern and bow warps, and adjust bow warps on piles so that they can be cast off easily, then haul yacht back to original position.

    c.  Make mainsail and headsail ready for hoisting.

    d.  Cast off stern warp and haul forward hard on the bow warps, making sure that they are led over the pulpit.

    e.  When level with piles flick off bow warps and stow them quickly.

    f.  Ensure yacht head to wind, hoist mainsail, and when clear of obstructions turn yacht until mainsail fills, then hoist headsail.

From between Piles - Wind Astern

  As for getting under way when head to wind, except that the headsail is hoisted first, not the mainsail.  When the yacht is clear of the piles and has sufficient headway luff up to wind and hoist the mainsail.  The mainsail should neverbe hoisted when the wind is astern.

From a Jetty - Wind Offshore

Ch 8 01

    a.  Prepare headsail for immediate hoisting.

    b.  Take off springs.

    c.  Hoist headsail and let go bow warp.

    d.  When yacht has turned downwind let go stern warp.

    e.  When sufficient way is on and yacht is clear of any obstruction's luff up and hoist mainsail.

From a Lee Shore Berth

Ch 8 02

    a.  If necessary warp the yacht round so that the wind is forward of the beam and adjust warps so that as much space as possible is available forward of the bow.

    b.  Prepare mainsail for immediate hoisting.

    c.  Take a long stern warp to a bollard or post as far forward as possible and double it back to the stern of the yacht. (Slip line)

    d.  Take off all other mooring warps.

    e.  Steering the yacht to windward and pushing out on the bow with the boathook, pull in hard on the stern slip line, at the same time fending off the stern so that it is just clear of the jetty.

    f.  When sufficient way is on the yacht slip the stern line and haul in.

    g.  As the yacht goes through the wind hoist the mainsail and then the headsail.

From an Anchorage

Ch 8 03



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