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Ocean Diver (ODC)

    The BSAC 5 day course for novices, teaching the skills required to enable a beginner to dive up to a depth of 20 metres under supervision.

Sports Diver (SPC)

    The BSAC 5 day course teaches rescue skills and qualifies Ocean Diver’s to dive up to a depth of 35 metres under supervision.

Dive Leader (DLC)

    The BSAC 5 day course teaches command and control of diving practices and qualifies Sport Divers to dive up to 50 metres.

Advanced Diver (ADQ)

    The BSAC 3 day course for Dive Leaders, teaches the organisation and planning of dive operations.

Chartwork and Position Fixing (CPF)

    A BSAC 2 day shorebased course teaching chartwork and basic navigation skills.

Search and Recovery (SAR)

    A BSAC 2 day course teaching search methods and recovery techniques.

Combined Nitroxn (CNC)

    A BSAC 2 day course teaching the skills required for diving and decompressing using enriched Nitrox mixtures.

First Aid for Divers (FAD)

    A BSAC 1 day course designed to provide a working knowledge of first aid for divers.


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