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If you wish to make contact with a past or present club member

please feel free to mail  training@bkyc.de

I note with interest that there are plans to hand back/close the training centre. It is a shame that every thing of any human value is now reduced to monetary worth. I would like to be included in any mailing list regarding re-union of old staff members I was detached to BKYC from 1980 to 1985, having qualified under Capt R Justice in April 1979 & returning to race in the corps regatta & instruct on TC's 7-10. I have very fond memories of th civil staff in the boat shed & of the terrific team of Mil' Pers' that made up the establishment. I have forgotten one or two names, l guess there is a limit, but I am sure that having had the experience of three Chief Instructors Capt Justice, Major Hazard & Capt, Clifton my future sailing was easy and assured.

Thank you for any efforts you make for us old hands with best wishes for the future, yours Theo.

TS Caderius van Veen

BKYC member in spirit always.

PS I am still active in saing and being retired always available, even at short notice, to crew or watch-lead, or Skipper, with a view to those boats moving back to the UK

Greetings from Len Price. 

68-70 St Christopher - Uomie 75-78 St Christopher in Holland courses cruises in Kiel

Hitch Hiken Mick Homer just tracked me down after 38 years; my luck ran out! Good memories and times at BKYC and even better friends-  McBride,O'Flanagan C Smith, Mannings, Homer,Cox,Brooks, and so many more.

 Shore side was good-Townsend,Bruno,Max B, Eveee, Shadbolt the list goes on.

I can be contacted by email at uomie@hctc.com or by cell phone in the US at 360-490-4291.  I’ve been living in the US since 1978 and have called Shelton, Washington (state) my home since that time.

 Any of you OLD deck hands want a warm beer and cold bunk c'mon over

Len nice to hear from you. I remember well sailing in Holland on St Christopher in the late 70’s. RCT sailing was then run by Maj Ron Routledge supported by  Ziggi (driver) and Mike Beer who still sails with us regular.   (Baz 270116)

Having just found the BKYC website I am amazed to discover how many of my old friends still have some little grey cells left after our time at Prieser Strand. I started at Kiel on 1969 as understudy to Len Price on the RCT Regimental Yacht St Christopher before progressing by fair means and foul to Skipper/ bosun of Flamingo in late 1972 where I remained until the end of the 1974 season. It is fantastic to see the likes of Paddy McBride, Mick Homer, Terry Hunt, Colin Smith,  Alan Robinson et al are connected through the Guestbook. I also know  where a few other reprobates are lurking - Mick Brookes and Pat Collinge for instance. It would be a crying shame not to get together at Kiel before the Club finally closes next year and feel sure that the powers that be would be amenable. Terry Hunt has also been trying to get something off the ground and I don't want to step on toes but it would be good to hear some thoughts on this. My email is mikestarlight@hotmail.co.uk  - I look forward to hearing from you and maybe seeing you in Kiel next year.

Mike Cox

Hi I was the diving supervisor in 65-71 and am looking for Stephen Hambrook and anyone else that may have been there with me and still in the land of the living.

Corporal Barrie Gazzard

So sorry to hear that sailing for the army is to come to an end next year at Kiel. I was one of the staff at Kiel from 1964 until 1972 and was the skipper of Flamingo . Also was very fond of Bruno and sailed with him many times as crew in German Nationals

Joel McBride

Sour Grapes Alan!   If the "Legend" we're true? I am sure that you would have done the right thing and told Bruno!   He never mentioned it? He made second place with a bucket ???  and neither did you until now?   He was a good looser as most people are!   Let the Legend live on as Legends do. I won fair and square!!   No more sour grapes please!=

Mike Homer

Without a doubt Bruno did so much on and off the water; not only in his personal achievements but in the way he helped and guided so many people in the world of sailing and boat husbandry. Baz 

Maybe the guestbook should be called "Fairlog" instead.

For the record, Mick Homer is a legend for reputedly having beaten Bruno in the staff race of 1973. But as it happens, not only was I in the race, but eye witness to how it happened.  Bruno had inexplicably taken a liking for me, and at his insistence I crewed for him in the German Nordic Folkboat championships that year, where we came third. Not content with the folkboats, Bruno collared me for his crew in the '73 staff race. Make what you will of my personal contentions, but it was common knowledge that while Bruno was fussing about before the race getting his famous (but disgusting) goulash ready for when we came back in, Mick had the audacity to implicate poor Dougie Brewer in a heinous plot.  Everyone knew that Dougie was strong as an ox and never fearful of jumping in the oggin to push his boat off the putty, but also that Dougie wasn't the sharpest tool in the box. Thus, in typical Mick Homer fashion, Dougie was persuaded to jump in and tie a bucket to the rudder on Bruno's allotted boat.  I said nothing about it because being interested in naval architecture I wanted to see Bruno's reaction to the boat's performance and his handling of it. Dare I say, Bruno was dumbstruck for once, and Mick was hero for the day.

Or so the legend goes ...

Alan Robinson

As Alan said, sad to read about the closure of the BKYC   I was stationed there from late 1968 to late 1974 looking after the RA Yacht St Barbara 2.   Remember lots of trips sailing UOIME and Flamingo!   Went to Gosport in 74 to collect a yacht but arrived in the Royal Naval Hospital in Gosport with appendicitis  so Alan appeared and fetched the yacht instead!   Managed to beat Bruno at the end of season staff regatta in 73!   the first one to do so!!   He was not a happy man!   Did anyone else beat him before he retired?   Hope that you lay on a reunion for all old Members of Staff before closure!   They were the backbone of the place keeping it ticking over!!

 Best wishes to all  Mike Homer

Greetings for Alan Robinson's reference Uomie was bought by Lukas Reimbold in 2013 where she was grounded on rocks in Finland. Lucas now has her in a repair yard in Gdansk Poland 30 frames replaced and replanking ongoing, then to Lucas's home in Sweden to continue repairs.

Best Regards Ray Allen

A couple of pics of Uomie (thank Ray). Baz

Sad to read that BKYC will close down late 2016.

I was permanent staff at Kiel from autumn 1971 to 1975, and settled afterwards in Denmark. Last I heard, Mick Homer was still sat on his arse in Faaborg. John Smith unfortunately died in the late 1970s, found in his car in Faaborg having suffered a heart attack. Brian Humphreys lived in Faaborg for a short while but moved back to England around 1977. Maj. Don Campbell bought Uomie, and as far as I know still has her in  Dartmouth.

I worked at Svendborg Shipyard until it closed in 1995, and still live on Taasinge for my sins. The local waters are nothing like as busy as most of you will remember them, sailing is out of fashion it seems. I hardly ever see a BKYC boat.

Nice to read comments from Pete Lindsay (you remember Yorkie Pinder?), Sam Burns and Colin Smith.

Best regards to all   Alan Robinson

Dear former permanent staff members. From Terry Hunt 24228173

I have just finished reading a history of Flamingo in Classic Boat magazine. This naturally brought you all back to mind. I last sailed Flamingo in 1972. Don Martin was skipper. Best wishes to him on reaching 78. The above mentioned cruise was a circumnavigation of Fyn in two weeks! We Visited Odense, Copenhagen and Aero. Great Sailing.

Other crew members included Michael second in command also a cpl 100sq. skipper and Mick Brooks Lcpl. Skipper of St Christopher, RCT corp yacht based in Holland. I later took on this onerous role together with an additional one involving the running of courses in Berlin and the Dummersee and back to BKYC to support RCT courses. Most importantly I was based at Muiden near Amsterdam and the home of the reason I got myself RTU.   

Many apologies for those not mentioned, best mates include John Perkin(excused boots and haircuts) skipper of Pegasus Royal Signals yacht. Managed to get himself RTU speaking up for me after I had got myself RTU for going AWOL. (John I am pleased to say also got himself reinstated). In later years I accepted an apologize from Maj. Don Campbell, well he bought me a drink at the boat show. Another name comes to mind Mike Harding? Lcpl.Royal Artillary YC. He was a big one with a matching mustache. Although not handsome he did manage to land himself the prize of the daughter of the harbour master at Faaborg. I wonder if anyone knows of the where abouts of any these reprobates.  

 A question many asked is how did we cold war warriors end up swan-ing about the beautiful Baltic sea trading whisky and tobacco for hospitality? Well that is another story!!

Terry Hunt gmtsnow@btinternet.com

My name is Cherrie Stephens ex WRAF, who experienced sail training at Kiel 1963.  Along with a number of RAF sailing friends during the early sixties, we still meet up for reunions.  It used to be at the Boat show but now at the RAF Club Piccadilly.  Among our group still going are, Ron Cole, Barry Field, Bob Grout, Doey Baker, Geoff Stephens, Yvonne Goulding, Chandy Kent, Des Neville and myself then Cherrie James. 

Major Stan Townsend was a stickler who we all remember, especially to newcomers who messed up the approach to the jetty.  "He would yell, get off the putty", sometimes not quite to that effect.  Bruno is also remembered for the knowledge he gave to the boys.  Barry fields is still sailing his own yacht from Chichester I have a photo of a reunion of 30 + of us who all did sailing training at Kiel and we can reminisce every minute we spent there for hours at a time.  What a wonderful experience it was after dinghy sailing to have the opportunity to be taught to sail and race in those wonderful yachts.  Fantastic racing, interesting in storms and being becalmed in the Baltic. Wow it was unbelievable! 

I recently sent some photos to Baz and hope to send more soon.  Interesting to see the BBC program some years back called The Windfall Yachts.  Those memories last a lifetime such was our experiences at Kiel.

Regards to anyone we met there. Cherrie

Hi , my name is Colin Smith and I served at the BKYC from early 1972 till late 1978 being the permanent skipper of Kranich from May 1973 till I left the army in 1978. If any old boys want to contact me please pass on my email address.

Many Thanks , Colin  colinsmith164@live.co.uk

My name is Stephen Hall I was in the RAF from 1976-1983 and was stationed in Germany for most of my service. I was a keen sailor and took every opportunity to sail during my military service. I was stationed at BKYC Kiel in 1982 as a Sailing Instructor/Skipper flying the flag for the RAF. The BKYC website has a very brief mention about the role that the RAF played at Kiel and I thought you might be interested in having an update on how the RAF did what it could with very scarce resources ie one person to represent the RAF. How I ended up being paid by the RAF working alongside the Army and Sailing as full-time occupation isnt the easiest thing to explain so I have left this out so as not to appear too full of myself. At first I was a bit of a novelty for the Army regulars and they had a few laughs every time I tried to do some soldering which I was rubbish at and I wasnt very good at the hands on practical things that the Royal Engineers just love doing. I was therefore volunteered to do the one thing that nobody wanted to do which was to sand and varnish about six times the huge wooden masts that were stored in the boatshed during the winter. I got stuck in and after a few weeks with a lot of help and advice from Bruno I became a bit of an expert at sanding all the old varnish off and then carefully applying and sanding until I had about 6 layers of varnish. I talked a lot with Bruno during my coffee and lunch breaks and he would show me how to do various things like splicing rope to a metal halyard or stay and he never got annoyed or frustrated with all my questions a real gentleman and a pleasure to have met him.

If anybody who owns a Yacht in the Costa Blanca area of Spain and would like competent crew member I would welcome any opportunity to do some sailing at any time of the year.

My contact email is  steve2577@gmail.com

Hi Im Peter Lindsay was on the permanent staff at the BKYC from 1969 to 1973 and endorse what other people have said about the club. I went up there as a boat husband and rose up to be a skipper 70 as it was in those days. I learnt a lot of new skills and experiences while I was there especially seeing as I had no background at all of boats and sailing. I lived in York at the time though now reside on the coast at Scarborough. Met and made friends with some good people both British and German while I was there. Who could forget Brunos end of season goulash and also the end of season cruise. Also became a supporter of the local football team Holstein Kiel. Am in correspondence with Keith "Sam" Burns and wonder if there is anyone else out there that knows me would like to get in touch people like Dougie Brewer, Mick Homer, Len Price not forgetting Dixie what happened to everyone all these years later also included some photos that might be of interest

My contact email is  beachman07@btinternet.com

Peter, firstly thanks for the photos, they are on the Old Boys, Club Views and Cutlass & Dan pages.

It is nice to hear from past staff, hopefully some of those you named will be in contact. (Baz 011112)

Be nice to know whatever happened to some of the lads who were at Kiel from 1970-1976.

I can remember Nick Hutchinson well and see he's been on your site. I've recently entered BKYC on the forces reunited website as one of my units during my time in the Royal Engineers. From that I have been in contact with Pete Lindsay who was a good pal back in the 70's.

Be nice to know if anyone knows whatever happened to Paul Robinson and John Smith who both settled down in Faaborg. Has anyone heard anything of Mick Oliver (painter), Brian Humphries (skipper Pegasus), Dixie Deveraux (driver in the diving unit), Clive Wood (settled down in Kiel with his German wife and worked as a civilian instuctor) and my old friend, drinking partner and fellow Holstien Kiel supporter Bob Maddrell and his wife Alfrieda they lived on Stromeyer Allee. I had been told that Bob was last heard of about 10 years ago. I look back in time and can say I had a very good time working at BKYC as one of the painters both as permanant staff and as a civilian. It was a joy to watch the wooden yachts go down that slipway after a winter refit. Herr Bruno Splieth was a pleasure to work for and it was a privilege to have known him.

Best regards to all. Keith (Sam) Burn

I was posted to BKYC as a chippy in the early 60s I remember virtually rebuilding VANDALE a 30 square with Mickey a german chippy. I have contacted Ron Turrell and would like to contact anyone else who was there and remembers poor old Bruce who was also a chippy getting drowned when he fell overboard returning from Denmark

Ron Weaver

A little before my time but I will ask about for you. Baz (030211)

Just looking at the BKYC web site and noticed "Marabu" mentioned a couple of times. People might like to know that she is no longer rotting away in Ipswich, but was bought in December by Martin Yachts in Germany. They intend to undertake complete restoration. They recently restored an Abeking & Rasmussen 12 metre called "Antira", which is built identically to "Marabu" and "Flamingo" - if anyone's interested there's a diary of her rebuild at www.martin-yachts.com/ .

Rob Anstey

I sailed with Paddy McBride on many occasions when he was a L/Bdr (12 Lt AD Regt RA) Boat Husband/Skipper on Flamingo in the mid/late sixties at the BKYC. Has anybody heard from him?

He took me from Deck Hand to Mate 100sqm via Faaborg, Sonderborg, Aeroskobing, Kobenhaven and a murky night in a Svendborg Kipper Smoke House trying to sober up. I also sailed on the 30 sqm, (leaked like a sieve) 50 sqm, a Danboat and Contessa class boats but my greatest love is Flamingo. I still have her Racing Burgee, which is very much weather-worn and hand-painted, on the wall in my living room along with a photograph of her. (It is difficult to explain to my wife of 30 years why I love a girl who is 30 years older than her). Who could not love Flaming Joe once you have sailed in her?)

On one memorable occasion I sailed as Mate with Capt Adrian Carruana RA (either 34 Lt AD or 12 Lt AD Regt) on the ketch Rasmus when we won Cruise of the Year, which I think was 1969 or 1970, memory fails me, I do remember we had a Fire at Sea due to failed lagging on the exhaust system.

I would like to contact Paddy if anyone knows of his whereabouts.

As a behind thought, to this day I can still tie a Bowline behind my back which Bruno Splieth insisted (and when Bruno insisted, you persisted) I persevered at, and watched me until I could do it, in the boathouse, as apparently it would help me to tie one in front of me in the dark!

Peter Ruston

34 Lt AD Regt RA, 22 AD Regt, 12 Lt AD Regt, RSA Signals Wing, RACISG Larkhill

Hello, I wonder if you can help me. For some years now, I have wondered about the fate of an erstwhile friend, D.T. (Tim) Offley. I knew him from our time at college together in the 1970s and we kept in touch sporadically through the 1980s when he was sailing all over the place and I was living in London. I would receive virtually indecipherable postcards from him once or twice a year, and occasional visits when he was passing through. Then, sometime in the 1990s (not sure of the precise year), I learned that he had passed away. I was unable to attend his funeral (much to my regret), and have never had any inkling about what happened or how he died. Recently he came up in conversation with another mutual friend from the old days, and we resolved to try and discover the facts of his death. I know he was with the Kiel Club after college, and googling his name brought up his presence on your website's photo albums.

Jonty Redgate  redgate@btinternet.com

Hi Jonty, I remember Tim well; I started permanently at Kiel in 85 he was running the Light Infantry boat Ensign Dyas (a First). They then changed to a westerly and shortly afterwards Tim and the boat went to the UK . (310309)

Hi, my name is John Langford (Bonnie) ex 2nd Fld RA. I was posted to Kiel in 86 for two years and it turned my life around, made a load of mates, such as poppet Curran, Jerry Sharpe, Mac the Knife, Tel Barratt, Red Egg, Simon and the Mafiosy Kid to name but a few.

I can remember many a good night in the bars around Denmark and Kiel, anyone remembers me drop me an email through (above mail) regards. Bonnie.

Hi Bonnie, a few names that I am still in touch with. Top tip is to join Facebook there is an a lot of old boys in contact there (220109)

My name is John McFadden and I spent about 3 months at BKYC in 1992 (May - July/ Aug). I was a Lieutenant in REME and my Armd Wksp in Soest had just amalgamated with the one next door (5 and 6 Armd Wksps) There were three surplus Subbies and we were sent off adventure training! I thoroughly enjoyed my time at BKYC and it really is good to see that it continues to flourish.

I did a comp crew course at BKYC and sailed in the Tri service regatta out of Gosport on Kukhri. The Army team won the inshore and offshore that year, (Div 1?? Nicholson 62??)! Anyway, I returned to BKYC and was booked on a skippers day course when I was posted back to Soest. I left the Army in the mid-nineties and joined the oil and gas industry. I managed to do some sailing in a few places around the world. I currently live in Hong Kong

John McFadden

Hiya Baz, don't know if you remember me (Paul (Acky)Atkinson) i did about 3 years in Kiel. Just been looking around the site and it brought back some good times. I remember having a beer fight with Monster, Ralf in his robin hood fancy dress kit and when Micks car went into the oggin. Anyway i think yours is the only face i know there now. I'm back in the UK I have 4 daughters and am remarried. Pass on good wishes to all who know me

Cheers Acky

Hi, how time moves on! Not sure where Monster is now , last heard in Norway or Finland. Mick Johns and the VW Passat that went down the steps for a swim. He is living/working in Alborg (DK) and doing well, I am in regular contact with him.

Hello Baz, not sure if you would remember me my name is Mark Skates i was posted to Kiel as a boson in the nineties around the same time as the Estonia ferry disaster. Well exactly at that time because we were out racing that night to Bornholm. Tony was in charge at BKYC and there were a lot of characters around at the time just to name a few please excuse surnames and ranks .... Baggy, Paul Lockhart (locky), Windy, Red, Ji, Neil, Little Tony (who run the bar), John Curran, Simon Oatley, Chris Wrigley, Dave Robinson, Tony Clatworty, John Crouch, Jerry Sharp, and Manfred (still got the half a hull he made me) to mention a few. I took over the bar from little tony until I had to return to my unit (9th12th Lancers) to go back to NI and I know we had some good partys (all to the dismay of Jerry) late at night in the block.

I have kept up the sailing and would love to return at some time and see how things have changed if work permits.

Regards Mark

Hi Mark, I might have been here a while now but my memory is fine (I think). I am in contact with most of the above, albeit not every day. Chris Wrigley and Manfred Esser are still working here.

I notice from your web site that your Club was formed using Wind Fall boats after the 2nd WW. I am trying to find out some information on a boat that my father used to own, which was a Wind Fall Boat. I do not want to put you to any trouble, but I was wondering if you new of any sources of information that might help me. The boat in question was called Pomona, she was built around 1920 for a German for Baltic use (I think). She was a 62 foot ketch. If you are able to point me in any direction, I would be grateful.

Julian Weston Gloucestershire, UK.

To my knowledge there has no been a Pomona at the BKYC. Baz (261107)

DC MacGregor asked for info about Merlin. She is now called ZEEAREND having recently been rebuilt in Holland. For full info see Michael Cudmore's book The Windfall Yachts. ISBN 978-0942547-1-1.

PS I sailed in the 30 Sqm Jutta and 50 Sqm Seahorse in 1948

Peter Foston (051107)

I did a ten day sailing course on the Avalanche back in around 1968. The skipper was a guy called Ron, who had a Danish wife in Fabourg. Had a fantastic time - even though I lied when I said I could swim - not a stroke!!

Best of luck to you Peter L. Keen (ex REME) (051107)

An enquiry about "Merlin" from D.C. MacGregor. She was previously called "Wal". Merlin was bought in a sorry state from the yard in Essex mentioned and has been fully restored and now sails as "Zeearand" under the Dutch flag. I'm happy to point you to more information if required.

Not sure if you have heard, but a book has just been published entitled "The Windfall Yachts" by Michael Cudmore - very interesting reading for the historians ISBN 978-0-9542547-1-1

Why am I interested ? I'm a civilian that has sailed on "Overlord" (ex-REYC), "Marabu" (ex-RNSA) (100sqm yachts) and "Sea Scamp" (ex-Dartmouth) (50sqm) since 1980. They are all Abeking & Rasmussen - Marabu is the same year as "Flamingo", but unfortunately is now in Ipswich waiting for someone with a lot of money to re-build her. I sailed Overlord to the Baltic 4 years ago and stopped for a night at BKYC, where we were warmly received. I was looking at your web site because we aim to be coming past you again in early June next year.

Yours Rob Anstey (051107)

My father, CDR (later RADM) R.I. Clayton was SUSNO (Senior US Naval Officer) at COMNAVBALTAP from 1964 thru 1967. We lived on Memler Strasse next door to MAJ Arthur Shadbolt, MC, RE and his wife Sheila and their son Christopher. We were avid members of BKYC. MAJ Stan Townsend, MBE was in charge of the club during that time. We sailed with Bruno Spleith and the rest of the gang. A highlight of my time there was when the Royal Sailing Yacht Bloodhound called and Arthur Shadbolt got me on board for a 3 day trip from BKYC to Copenhagen. I visited Arthur and his family when my submarine paid a visit (Westward HO) to the UK in 1983. I am now retired from the US Navy and in municipal government. If I do nothing else before I pass on I will return to Kiel and visit the BKYC. 1964-1967 were great years in Kiel and the BKYC and I shall never forget the joy of coming home from Frankfurt where I attended school to sail in the Kieler Fijorde and the Baltic.

YNCS (SS/SW/AC) David D. Clayton, USN (Ret) (310907)

I sailed on the Kranich in 1969. The yacht was skippered by Colonel Jumbo Thomas, a good teacher and CO of AAC Chepstow.

I have continued sailing although Lake Ontario is now my baliwick. One day I'll finally take that celestial nav course and my advanced navigator. Best wishes to all former and present crew members.

Graham Bath (260707)

Does any one of your members know the where about's of The Planet, she was one of the windfall's purchased by my late father from Plymouth in about 1958/9/60!!!, I would also like to know if this was her original name. My interest about Planet are only I spent a lot of my childhood on her with very fond memories and would love to see her again.

Many Thanks Simon Spurge

Will ask about for you Simon. Baz (290107)

I was stationed at Kiel from 1972 to 1975 as a diving instructor. It would be nice to hear how some of my old colleagues are fairing now that we are advancing in years! Im looking for Pete Thorpe, Pat Hogan, Dick Sayers, Yorky Pinder and anyone else who served at the RE Diving Wing in the early 70’s

Regards Nick Hutchinson (24028880 Cpl).

Nick, The RE wing has closed only sport divers now Im afraid. Baz (290107)

Hi my name is Frank Kemmery I used to be an instructor at the BKYC in 1970 I was detached from 12 Sqn RCT .Love the web site. I am now living in Brisbane Queensland Australia I have been here nearly 25 yrs, Love it and i am still sailing. Glad to see the BKYC is still going strong. Question do the boys still crack the Barrel @ the local Fred, Pub. I had a great time at Kiel.

Regards Frank Kemmery

Frank, The pub just outside the gate was indeed a great meeting and drinking ‘shack’. It was knocked down some years ago, and the area is now a garden for the adjoining houses. Baz

My name is Paul Conroy, ex 5 regiment RA. I did a competent crew course (or equivalent) on yacht 'Kranich' in the mid 80's and my sailing instructor was, believe it or not, Major Hazard. I was just wondering how far back records were kept and if it would be possible to get any documents relating to me having got the certificate? I know it's a long shot but thought it would be worth a try. In the meantime thanks for your time in reading this.

All the best, Paul Conroy

Paul, We do not keep data going back that far. Kranich has now been sold to a local boat builder and he plans to have her on the water again some time. Baz

I have read with great interest your information on the German "Windfall" class yachts, but I can find no mention of a 100 Square Metre Windfall yacht that I was associated with when serving in the Royal Navy. The yacht was "Merlin". She was previously named, (I think) "Val" or some similar name. I used to take naval cadets up and down the English Channel on Venture Training exercises from Portsmouth, (Gosport in fact, HMS Hornet, the yacht basin where the submarines were based). This I did in 1970. I believe the R.N. Sold off the windfalls and obtained Nicholson yachts some time later in the mid to late 70's. My last trace of "Merlin" was in a boatyard in Maldon/Essex where a gentleman remembered her being refitted in a yard there. After she left this yard nobody seems to know where she went, what befell her or anything else connected with her. Maybe you could shed some light on this yacht. I have two splendid photos of her running under full sail in the Solent with the naval trainees on deck, spinnaker up and showing her sail number of 662 (six, six, two).

Yours sincerely D.C. MacGregor

Have asked around but no information on Merlin. If you can send a copy of the photos I will put them in the photo albums pages Baz

Hello from a past Baltic Hand, I spent many Happy weekends up at Kiel club, from 1964-1966. I cannot remember the names of fellow crews, but I can remember putting the 30 metre yachts through their paces on passage races to Aeroskobing. I also recall some amusing moments when crews came in under sail and misjudged their timing of dropping the sails and tying up warps. I had to give up my enjoyable weekends when I was posted to a slightly bigger yacht namely HMS Intrepid.

Best Regards Mike Cole (Signalman Royal Sigs attatched to 94 Locating Regt. Celle)


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